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My latest book

My latest book, the pulp sci fi adventure The Frihet Rebellion, is available now on kindle and in paperback. This is a fast moving tale of dictatorial rulers, rebellion, space battles, aliens, interplanetary war and even a touch of romance. Something for everyone :) Thank you for reading.


The Frihet Rebellion by Neil Davies

The Village Witch

The Village Witch - Neil Davies

She sits on the headstone, claws flexing, wings furled, as she has for almost four centuries.

The people of Byre live in fear. A centuries-old evil that grows stronger with each human sacrifice threatens their village. If all goes according to her plan, the Village Witch will unleash almost four hundred years of resentment, hatred and homicidal rage on the town.

Tim Galton, an ex-special forces soldier, Professor Alexander Hall and his daughter Susan, paranormal investigators, and a few, brave villagers are all that stand in her way. Can they prevent the Village Witch from setting the evil free? Or will it destroy them and everyone else in Byre?

"The priest screamed for his God as his eyes were gouged from their sockets."

From my latest novel, The Village Witch. 

The Village Witch
The Village Witch

In case anyone missed it - here's the cover for my book The Village Witch, released by Omnium Gatherum later this year. Personally, I love it!

Two horror novels for less than the price of many single ones.

Got a new kindle for Christmas? Get reading with two horror novels for less than the price of many single ones. Welcome Home and Raised In Evil in one kindle volume. Buy it now!


If you like sci fi or horror - Up to date bibliography :)

Liberation Of Worlds, Book Two in The Szuiltan Trilogy (Book One is The Szuiltan Alliance) is now available for kindle and in paperback. Other ebook formats will be available in the near future.



Just for Halloween, the kindle versions of my horror stories Welcome Home, Raised In Evil and The Evil Incantation have been reduced in price to 77p (99c) each. One day only....

Contract signed for new novel

Contracts have been signed and the truth can be told.


The publisher Omnium Gatherum have taken on my latest work, horror novel The Village Witch. It's a gruesome little tale set in a small Devon village about an ancient evil that's been waiting over four centuries for release... and it's getting impatient. I believe it's the best thing I've written so far.


The plan is for a release date in February 2015, giving us time to work on edits, cover etc..


A month or so after that look out for another little treat from myself and Omnium Gatherum that is connected to The Village Witch but can be read as a stand alone too. More about that one another time.


Omnium Gatherum are the publisher who did such a great job on my book Hard Winter: The Novel back in 2013 and I'm really excited to be working with them and editor Kate Jonez again. I know, they're foolish to take another chance on me but, hey, I won't tell them if you don't :)


I'll keep you up to date as things progress later in the year and I hope, when it is released, that you might be tempted to give The Village Witch a try. I'm proud of it and I think you'll like it too.


Thank you.

Kobo and Nook and other ereader owners...

Not everything is kindle! Kobo, Nook and other ereader owners, don't forget you can get all my books, horror and science fiction, from Smashwords in your format. Don't let the kindle readers have all the fun :) Follow the link below

Back to writing

Got back to writing The Village Witch the last couple of days - it's my latest horror novel/novella. Any publishers doing classic horror out there these days? :)

My new horror novella The Evil Incantation available now

My latest release, the horror novella The Evil Incantation, is out now as both an ebook and a paperback. It's a tale of vampires, satanists, a history professor and an ex-special forces soldier coming together in the ancient landscape of Transylvania. It's a fast and fun read, at least it's meant to be :)


The Evil Incantation Cover


Ex-Special Forces soldier Tim Galton and History Professor Alexander Hall are adventurers and paranormal investigators. But they don't just investigate haunted houses, they search out the darkest, most dangerous of creatures and do battle. Now they're in Romania, facing a deadly alliance between Satanists and Vampires and heading inexorably towards an encounter with the most evil creature they've ever faced, deep in Transylvania.


Welcome Home - a new review from

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Welcome Home - Neil Davies

The following review is from and is for my novel Welcome Home.




A serial-killer thriller with a wonderful twist and a bit of the supernatural.

Victoria is trying to figure out who she is, though she can not remember her past.  After waking up in the hospital with an array of nasty injuries, the only thing she can remember is the name Victoria.  Now married and trying to build a normal life for herself, Victoria and her husband Simon have settled down in the quaint town of Taupington and are fixing up a Victorian style house, that Victoria is inexplicably drawn to.  Meanwhile, a sadistic serial killer has also come to town and has decided to stay in order to make Victoria's new neighbor his latest victim.

This thriller grabbed me from the start and I had to finish it the same day.  Switching point of view from Victoria and the serial killer made a great build to the unexpected relationship that they have.  While the scenes with the serial killer were very graphic, they were not overdone and seemed as true to life as I could imagine.  The added element of the supernatural was very interesting and I wish it was explored just a bit more.

This book was received for free in return for an honest review.